About Our Poetry Posts

At Poetry Posts we build, finish and install your very own Poetry Post – you can begin entertaining your neighbors and passer-bys with wit and wisdom or just random deep thoughts in a very short time.

Design & Construction Process

The first step is to decide what kind of look you would like to achieve, whether you want fancy with a lot of bells and whistles to draw attention to your post or if you want something a bit more simple, but nice looking, to emphasize the words you are sharing with the world. Right from the start I will lead you through the available design options, exploring what suits your fancy and your pocketbook. As these posts are custom designed, I will work with your creative ideas to showcase your poetry and personality.

Customized designs:  if you have  ideas on using different types of wood, larger or smaller boxes or other ideas, I will work with you to achieve your goals. Please inquire.

Material Selection


The 4″x4″x8′ posts are made from high quality Western Red Cedar, hand selected and chosen for their appearance and resistance to rot, moisture and insect decay.  Western red cedar is a very durable natural product, weathering over time to a beautiful coastal grey. Optional finishes for the post can include: Adding a decorative post cap  made from either cedar or a combination of copper and cedar, depending on your tastes. Routing lines for added post definition. Copper striping attached to the post for additional beauty. Custom painting, please inquire for details. Other options are available  and have been incorporated in previous work- tile insets, thicker wood material, tamper-proof screws and more. The cedar posts can also be treated with a waterproofing or stained to help them last even longer. The Poetry Posts are designed and built to last for years.

Viewing Boxes

The next choice is the type of poetry display box you would like to have. I hand craft each box from high grade Western Red Cedar with a window made from impact resistant, 1/8 ” thick acrylic. It is large enough to fit a standard 8” x 11.5” sheet of paper. Custom box designs/sizes and using other materials are available upon request. Additional box options include a custom made copper lid, painted box, staining or waterproofing, additional compartments – whatever your preferences are.  Long lasting brass hinges,  waterproof glue and exterior grade screws are all used to help maintain  box integrity over time.


The post is set in concrete to give the post stability and strength that will last for years. If you prefer, the post can be set in gravel or soil as well.

Mail Order

Poetry boxes can be made and shipped to wherever you like.  They are a great idea for those on your gift list who live out of the area.  Installation hardware and instructions are included.  Shipping and handling are extra.  Please inquire for more details.

2012 Prices(subject to periodic change due to market pricing)

*  Construction and Installation for Standard western cedar post and box;  (includes consultation, delivery, 4X4 cedar post and handmade cedar box):  $150.00

Delivery/installation beyond 3 mile radius from NE Portland, Oregon workshop: variable, please ask for pricing

*  Handmade western red cedar poetry box:  $65.00

Copper clad poetry box lid:  $25.00          Waterproofing or Clear Stain:  $15.00                     Custom Paint: Price variable

*  Western red cedar post cap(various styles, see photo page):  $15.00 to $30.00                   Copper clad  post cap:  $25.00 to $30.00

*  Wood engraving(3 lines on post):  $30.00     Other engraving:  price variable, please inquire for quote

Copper banding(three bands on post): $20.00

*   Custom wood, custom painting, tiling or other option not listed:  price variable, please inquire for quote



All materials and labor to build and install the Poetry Post/Box are included in the price, along with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Boxes are designed to weather resistant, but are not waterproof.  To help keep paper dry and readable,  included with each Poetry Post purchase a durable plastic sleeve is included.

We want you to be happy with your post, if you ever have any problems with the materials or workmanship, we will be happy to make repairs to your satisfaction.

Thank you for considering Poetry Posts PDX.  We look forward to serving you and helping you express yourself.

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